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After having my children, I had a series of health problems and also suffered with anxiety and regular migraines which were completely debilitating at times. In addition to feeling incredibly tired, I had a permanent low-grade headache accompanied by a foggy head. The final straw was being diagnosed with IBS.

I’m a busy mum with a full family life, we home educate my oldest child and I also run my own therapy business, so these health concerns made living the life I wanted to a challenge.

I chatted with a lovely lady who told me about a gut reset programme and since doing this programme, I feel like I have myself back – an improved version of myself!

The majority of my health concerns have completely cleared up. I now sleep well and have no generalised aches and pains. My permanent headache and foggy head are a distant memory. I am significantly less anxious and my IBS is gone. Totally gone!

Other wonderful benefits include my skin being clearer and I have more confidence now because I don’t feel like I look permanently shattered! It has also really helped me re-educate myself on how to eat well and look after my health.

I now feel empowered to actually be in control of my health and well-being. Honestly, I genuinely didn’t know I could feel this good!


As you can see from my photographs, the purify program made a massive different to how I looked and felt. Both pictures are taken at the same time of day, in the same light and I am not wearing makeup in either photograph.


I would love to chat with you to help you on your journey to feel this great